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Books by Sadhviji

Satsang: In the Presence of Truth

In this collection of articles taken from her many satsangs over the past few years, Sadhviji addresses a range of questions, from how we live our daily lives, the meaning of spirituality, the connections between science and spirituality, the philosophy of yoga and the Indian tradition, and so much more.  You will hear and feel the divine clarity with which she addresses the questions that are in so many of our hearts, and each article will inspire you and bring you divine drops of Truth.

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From Illness to Wellness: Health Wholeness and Holiness

In this book, Sadhviji delves into the Eastern and Western methods and models of health, healing and wholeness. And, of Course, there is still the neuropsychology,for as she found, science and spirituality can actually intersect and overlap. Her conclusions are applicable to people of every culture and every country.

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