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Published Articles

Nov 30 2018

“Thanksgiving-An Opportunity to Give Life, Not Only Thanks”, The Pioneer

This article was originally published in The Pioneer, here. In America, one of the biggest holidays of the year is Thanksgiving. The feast is in honor of the first good harvest after the pilgrims came to the new land. In theory, this holiday is a beautiful one. The idea of gathering to give thanks, gathering on behalf of the bountiful harvest God has provided, gathering with family, is wonderful. It is one of the few times a year that Americans tend to ensure that the entire family is together. Thus, in...

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Nov 02 2018

“Diwali – Dispelling the Darkness”, The Pioneer

This article was published on The Pioneer, here. Lighting oil lamps are one of the most common daily rituals in Indian tradition. Whether in temples, in homes, in offices or simply in small shrines on a shelf in a dorm room, one will always find a small brass or silver lamp to be filled with oil and lit on a daily basis. However, my Guru, Swami Chidanand Saraswati frequently implores people: “Don’t just light the lamps in your temples, homes and offices. Also remember to light the lamp in your own...

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